In the scope of the automation, weighing, identification, tracking and management reporting processes of all trucks (excavation vehicles, garbage trucks, etc.) can be achieved automatically. Thanks to RFID tags which will be affixed to windows of freight vehicles, automatic identification process will be 100% consistent and it will eliminate the operator dependency.

Each company seeks a return on an investment being made in capital spending. Our solutions provide cost savings to our customers in many ways.

IW Intelli Weighbridge Automation also allows unmanned weighing solution. Automation systems provides a great opportunity to businesses for reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. Office personnel can take part in other activities instead of manual operation during weighing processes


  • User-friendly and flexible screen designs.
  • Inventory tracking through processing of outgoing and incoming material records.
  • Transporters information and report generation.
  • In addition to material and ratio table categories, other categories are also available to maximize reporting features(location information etc.)
  • Passivation of the unused material types
  • Report screens can be customized by the user.
  • Interchangeable report column names.
  • Stability settings can provide consistency during weighing.
  • Automatically tare weighing
  • Default setting of fields such as material, transporters, suppliers for every vehicle.
  • Possibility to select the group manually for conditions that RFID reading cannot be made.
  • RFID vehicle tag printing module.
  • Credit identification opportunity for weighing operations.

FAST SYSTEM That Eliminates Operator Dependence!

The system allows you to gain real-time data that contributes to development of your business efficiency through real-time weighing operations with a little need or without need to a weighbridge operator.

Easy system troubleshooting and field-friendly features makes it possible to automatically print receipt and dispatch by providing support in order to accelerate the process of weighing the truck with its modular structure.

The system allows to find and print again of a needed record at a specific time interval automatically with a record ID that is kept for each record instead of finding out manually among hundreds or thousands of records.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is rapidly becoming a critical element in fleet management. Time that is saved from operation times will be used in reducing the operational burden with this technology.

Camera systems and DVR recorder allows you to record and store images for each weighing process.

Conting Operations are More Safe and Faster Now!

Central Management

Thanks to superior synchronization infrastructure of the system, all transactions performed in numerous locations can be monitored from a single center, controlled and reported real-time.

System Integratıon

When you need a third-party integration, we work with you and your software provider and perform a custom design for you in Teknopalas.

Flexible Reporting System

You can produce hundreds of different reports for different time intervals that you want by different kinds of filtering choices.