Smart Cities with RFID








  • Smart Urbanism aims at economic development and a higher quality of life in urban areas. In order for cities to be more livable, they need not only environmental beauty but also useful. Basic words for this formation; economy, mobility, environment, people and life. When all these concepts come together, the concept of “Smart Urbanism” will provide the formation.


  • Thus; A more livable, useful, innovative, environmentally friendly and solution-oriented environment will be created.

Radio Frequency Identification Devices can represent a prerequisite of RFID & IOT implementation. In addition, thanks to the tagging experience in various fields, it will enable to create follow-up and control projects. Thanks to RFID tags, the components to be used will be easily identified and integrated into the systems and a more effective use will be provided.


Virtualization of green spaces using RFID technology, sensors and mobile devices will lead to desktop use of urban green and provide real-time navigation through these areas.

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Scope of application


  • Traffic Signalization System
  • Public Vehicle Tracking System
  • Smart Waste Tracking System
  • City Fixtures Dynamic Tracking
  • Smart home systems
  • ,Elderly Care at Home
  • Safe Urbanism
  • Smart Hospitals
  • Hospital Asset Tracking
  • Ambulance Equipment Tracking
  • Blood Donation Centers Tracking
  • Hospital Personnel Tracking
  • Hospital Textile Hygiene Follow-up