Teknopalas Active RFID Tags



It is produced from materials that are not harmful to the baby, in accordance with the standards and is worn on the ankle of the newborn before leaving the delivery room.

The baby’s RFID tag is paired with the Active RFID Tags worn on the mother’s wrist after birth. From that moment on, great risks such as mixing more than one baby born in the same environment with each other and being delivered to the wrong families are avoided.




The positions of the baby and the mother in the hospital are tracked instantly. As soon as the baby is separated from the mother  the alarm system is activated. It is allowed to take the baby to any part of the hospital with certain personnel. These permits are matched with the Teknopalas RFID cards of the personnel and recorded in the system. If the baby goes to another section, the system gives an alarm.

In addition, the alarm is activated in cases such as removing the wristband.

With special Teknopalas Active Readers placed at all points where the baby can be taken out of the hospital, it integrates with the existing security systems of the hospital in possible bad scenarios and activates the security systems and  All transitions are closed and the baby’s position is instantly communicated to the security personnel. With Teknopalas Hospital systems, baby abductions are also prevented to a great extent.


Our Babies Are Safe with RFID


Wristbands given to patients

The patient’s history, details of her condition, course and time of drug administration can be accessed with an RFID reader by reading the information stored in the tags / associated software.   This can virtually eliminate human error and provide the best healthcare to patients.

With the help of bracelets

It is taken under control that the patient goes to the right operating room with the right doctor. Relatives of patients who have undergone surgery can learn where their patients are and what stage they are in from the patient information screens in the waiting areas, thanks to these wristbands.

In newborn units

With the wristbands given to babies, the possibility of baby confusion or even kidnapping is reduced to zero.

In patient rooms

Temperature and humidity rates are monitored in intensive care and operating rooms, and suitable conditions can be provided at any time.


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