Controlling and organizing the inventory groups, growing over time, with in an enterprise has become a serious workload. Knowing where the necessary equipments are when they are needed, keeping track of the exchange of equipments between departments, performing multiple counts in a short amount of time, without a doubt, means a serious benefit for any enterprise. Metamatk® Inventory Tracking System developed by Teknopalas aims to present all these benefits for your enterprise. Many studies and technologies have been developed for inventory tracking; the basic needs for high speed, efficency and benefits are idenitified as “ multiple reading, distant reading and identification without optic
vision”. Having no alternatives, UHF RFID technology is the only soluton to meet theseneeds. day by day number of sectors that this technology can be applied s increasing, enhancing efficiency and costs rapidly.


  • In the scope of the project, recording and counting of all assets will be easier.
  • Human resource errors will be minimized, preventing and determining of these errors will be easier.
  • Fixed asset database that can be quickly updated will ensure to access accurate and consistent information
  • The time required for finding out a material will be reduced.
  • You can record all information that you need regarding to your assets during product identification. (Product name, serial number, barcode number, brand, model, category, expiration date, warranty duration, invoice information, depreciation
    value etc.).
  • Daily, monthly and annual reports can be taken very quickly and with high accuracy.
  • UHF RFID fixed asset tracking system will develop a detailed database which has the information of which
    device, at what date and when, where, how much time stayed. This database will provide facilities planning
    process workflows, created detailed reports will provide information that can not be traced so far.

Professional Counting Service from TEKNOPALAS


You may transfer automatically all records such as company, category, department, personnel, asset etc. to the system instead of entering manually and so that you may prevent time losses.


You can transfer all counting operations that you have perform on the mobile handheld terminal to the center in real-time. You can perform counting operations whether based on department or based on assets that are registered on staff.

Counting Operations are More Safe and Faster Now!

Mobile Solution

You can transfer all counting operations that you have perform on the mobile handheld terminal to the center in real-time.

System Integratıon

When you need a third-party integration, we work with you and your software provider and perform a custom design for you in Teknopalas.

Flexible Reporting System

You can send your reports regarding to your assets to administrator automatically via e-mail in the period of one-time, weekly, monthly or yearly thanks to e-mail module on the system.